Geo de Lazana Cheese

Geo de Lazana Cheese

This is a handcrafted pressed cheese made from raw cow’s milk and matured for 60 days. Its washed rind shows an orange or light brown colour, with some white Penicillium mold, which is the result of the surface flora action.

When cut it shows a uniform colour from ivory to beige as ripening progresses. There may be small eyes spread unevenly. An intense and persistent flavour. At first you will note a very elegant acidity and some sweet notes of cream and exquisite raw butter. Predominately herbal and dairy flavours (hay, straw) very well combined with subtle animal and fermentation aromas. The aftertaste is very pleasant with hints of dry hazelnuts together with persistent notes of butter.


Product format characteristics:

Place of Origin:
Las Regueras
Raw cow
900 grams
Fat (min):
50 %

Geo de Lazana Cheese

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