Iberian Acorn Ham (minimum 30 months of curation)

Iberian Acorn Ham (minimum 30 months of curation)

The Iberian Acorn Ham Reserva Numerado has established itself as the best expression of the Spanish Gastronomy according to the most knowledgeable gourmets. The classification of this ham is based on the amount of acorns that the animal has ingested before slaughter, and the Reserve denomination is due to this food has a higher content of oleic acid than the rest, which gives it a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Being selected from a very early age, the pigs are of pure Iberian breed and present very characteristic external identification signs such as elongated shape, black hoof, narrow leg and a golden colour in the covering fat.

When cut, we could smell an intense and penetrating aroma. The meat with a fine pink colour, presents a very veined intramuscular fat almost transparent, which melted in a mild and delicate flavour with salty and timely sweet nuances on the palate.

An experience for the senses.


Available formats:

  • Whole Piece (bone in)
  • Whole Piece (deboned)

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