Casín cheese

Casín cheese

The cheese protected by the P.D.O. “Casín Cheese”, is a fatty, matured cheese, semicured or cured; made from raw cow´s milk, of enzymatic clotting and of kneaded pasta, semi-hard or hard. It presents a cylindrical-discoidal irregular shape, with a face stamped with the anagram of each producer, which consists in floral, geometric patterns, and different symbols or the name of the manufacturer.

It is believed to be one of the oldest cheeses in Spain and of the world, not only for the documentary references that place it in the XIV century, but for the unusual and laborious technique of the kneading used in the elaboration process, that make it into a unique variety.

It has no rind, and the interior part is even, uniform, ivory white, and slightly yellowish. The first aromatic tang is strong, of cow butter smell and in the end shell nuts smell. Buttery taste when enter the mouth, with strong flavour. It ends up with a strong sharp taste. Strong, spicy, pleasant but dense, slightly salty flavour.


Product format characteristics:

Place of Origin:
Campo de Caso
Raw Cow
280 grams
Fat (min):
55 %

Casin Cheese

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