Cider Fusion Cheese

Cider Fusion Cheese

Cider Fusion Cheese is a product that goes into Asturians’ roots in depth, combining for the first time the two most representative products from our region: the milk of the cows that graze in the Asturian mountains; and the natural cider, fermented apple juice. These are two nutritious and complementary products.

Cider Fusion Cheese is produced by an innovative process developed by the unique cheese factory, the secret is the blend of the milk and cider before the curd is made. The result is a cheese that offers an elegant combination in our mouth, combining a subtle apple flavour accompanied with a lactic and greasy taste of the cow milk. The texture is smooth and tender, with a fruity and floral bouquet, as a result of the harmonization and integration of the cider and the milk.


Product format characteristics:

Place of Origin:
Pasteusized Cow
500 grams
Fat (min):
50 %

Cider Fusion Cheese

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