La Peral Cheese

La Peral Cheese

La Peral is a cheese prepared from pasteurized cow’s milk that is straw-coloured white, with selected diary ferments and noble molds that give it the characteristic bluish stains. When it’s young, it’s a semi-blue cheese with delicate flavour and a great bouquet. With the passage of time, it completes the transformation into a blue cheese, and that’s when it acquires the whole personality, slightly spicy, but without losing any of its smoothness and bouquet.

The aging time can reach 4 months, which gives it an intense aroma combined with mold. Melting in the mouth with intense and relatively complex flavours, giving an overall pasty impression. It has a certain aftertaste with an attenuating tendency.


Product format characteristics:

Place of Origin:
Pasteusized Cow
800 grams
Fat (min):
55 %

La Peral Cheese

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