Serrano Ham Gran Reserva (18 months of curation)

Serrano Ham Gran Reserva (18 months of curation)

The Serrano Ham comes from white pigs bred intensively with fodders and cereals, unlike the Iberian pigs. Its preparation process is carried out with very different maturing periods, and the Serrano ham can be classified as Gran Reserva if its curing is over 16 months, and as Serrano Ham if it’s 10 months.

Regarding the Serrano Ham Gran Reserva, it is a product of shiny, unctuous fat of white and yellowish colour, aromatic and with pleasant flavour. This greasiness is due to the characteristics and the fatty acid composition of fat and its high content of oleic acid.

Its characteristic colour of pink to purplish red in the lean side and the shiny and unctuous fat is smooth to cut. It presents a meat of delicate flavour, slightly salty due to its low content of salt (11% of salinity).


Available formats:

  • Whole Piece (bone in)
  • Whole Piece (deboned)

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